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Green Laser pens

Green lasers pens operate at  wavelentgh of 532nm and power levels can vary from Uk legl <1mWto crazy dangerous power levels , please be very careful what you buy from other sites ... we ONLY sell eye safe <1mWlaser pens for your convience and safety

Green laser pens that are available to market can emit up to 500 miliwatts of laser power and can burn a surface. Imagine what that can do to your eyes ! Quite simply it can blind anyone that gets in its path so please check and buy ONLY <1mW (milliwatts ) lase pens for use arounf the hime and offcie

This makes them very dangerous if used carelessly. For instance, when pointed towards the eye they can easily cause serious eye damage leading up to total blindness. That is why they are also employed by some sections of the US military and other countries armed forces are also following suit. Because of their inherent dangers, green laser pens require protective eye wear when operating if they above around 20mW.

Green laser pens are excellent for pointing at cosmic bodies especially for star gazing. This is because green is high visible to the human eye at night. Red lasers tend to disappear and can be hard for the human eye to visualize.