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Laser Pen Safety

Laser pens have increased in popularity with time as their use has widened from the corporate world into the personal world. A laser pen is a special pen that consists of a diode laser light emitter. The technology to synthesize and emit light in the form of a laser beam is encased into a plastic coating that resembles that of an ordinary pen. Laser pens use triple A or double A batteries. Some of the more sophisticated pens can allow you to adjust the strength and intensity of the beam which can actually make them a danger especially if targeted towards the eyes.

Laser pens are now commonly used in schools and corporate settings as pointers. Today's corporate meetings incorporate a lot of presentations and in most cases the presenter switches off the lights in the presentation room in order to enhance the effect of the presentation. The laser pen in this case becomes a handy tool because the presenter uses it to point to the presentation.

Laser pens are also widely employed in outdoor activities. For instance, during a hunting expedition, laser pens may be used to point to the target or scare off animals. If a family has small children, laser pens can be used to locate them during nightfall. They have also proved extremely helpful during search and rescue operations whether for humans or animals because of their high visibility. Law enforcement has also come to increasingly appreciate green laser pens and pointers especially when working in places of low lighting such as nightclubs and bars.

The traditional color of the laser pen was red but as more research was conducted on the devices, there was a gradual shift to green. Green laser pens have become increasingly popular over red ones because the human eye is able to pick up green much better than red. This is because green laser pens display not only the original point but also the point of impact. Since they are more visible than their red counterparts green laser pens are being utilized more and more in scientific experiments, laboratory use and night expeditions. The most powerful green laser penallowed in oocie is <1mW  which is perfect as a professional gift